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38-400 Krosno
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KROSAGRO are high quality polytunnels, high tunnels, hot houses and greenhouses used for maximizing the growing period for a variety of crops. The offer of the company entails a wide range of ready products for individual growers or retail producers.


For the company it is vital that the offered product is made of the best possible materials, presents incomprehensible reliability, and most importantly, is economical and environmentally friendly. The modern approach to agriculture demands responsible and thoughtful planning that is connected with every project. We give our best to fulfill those requirements.


Our main goal is to deliver the best possible product which is cut out for individual and specific needs of every single grower. We cooperate with our customers from the very beginning of the project. From placing an order until delivery of the product at the growers’ location. We cooperate with our customers even after the transaction had been finalized. We take deep care in any kind of help and support and we do our best to help to maintain the installation in the best possible condition for years.


To maintain the highest quality of our products we use excellent quality steel products, pipes and profiles made by STAL IMPEX, manufacturer of not only pipes and tubes but also KROSFENCING fences and gates. The used materials guarantee reliability and very good quality of our structures.


We supervise our projects with utter care and detail, from feasibility study through delivery. We will assist our customers in every stage of the project, making sure that our offer perfectly suits their needs and expectations.


Stal Impex Sp. z o. o. · ul. Łukasiewicza 49 · 38-400 Krosno · tel: +48 885 204 200, +48 885 204 201 · e-mail: · 
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