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Polytunnel on order Polytunnels on request


Design of polytunnel tailored to the customer.

If you are looking for a professional, high quality polytunnel, high tunnel, hot house or greenhouse which would satisfy your needs you are right with us.

KROSAGRO offers turn key polytunnels, high tunnels, hot houses and greenhouses. The process leading to ready products involves several stages. These are the initial feasibility study, the development stage, design and construction. The final stages are installation and implementation of the product.

Moreover, even after the installation of the greenhouse or polytunnel we offer constant support. We wish to ensure that our products operate well and satisfy the needs of our customers at all times. We make it our goal to optimize the growth methods and make the most of the market’s demands.

KROSAGRO product integration

Due to world class agro-technology and experience in greenhouse and polytunnel development we were able to reach a high level of integration in our agricultural systems.

Working very closely with our customers we were able to find the right proportions between all the outer and inner factors. The right balance between growers’ goals, financial potentiality, technological solutions and crop requirements make it possible to reach a satisfactory efficiency level.

We take pride in our turn key products' integrity and efficiency, making it easier for our customers to gain profits.


Stal Impex Sp. z o. o. · ul. Łukasiewicza 49 · 38-400 Krosno · tel: +48 885 204 200, +48 885 204 201 · e-mail: · 
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