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Polytunnel designs

Producer of hothouses - Krosagro 

The traditional crop growth done in open fields has got one significant disadvantage. Crops are exposed to different, sometimes extreme weather conditions, thus making the growth seasons limited in time.

Since the introduction of indoor crop growth, done mainly inside greenhouses and polytunnels, it was made possible to lengthen the growing season to even the whole calendar year.

Greenhouses and polytunnels neutralize the impact of weather conditions, such as sub-zero temperatures, strong wind, heavy rainfall, heavy snowfall or hail.

The system of indoor crop growth, done inside greenhouses, hot houses, high tunnels and polytunnels, offers systematic climate control, together with irrigation, fertilization and other systemic solutions which enable to make the most of crop growth in this microclimate. This is the concept of intensive agriculture. It intensifies the whole crop growth process to the maximum. Greenhouse production has become a technology based industry. It involves a number of technical equipment. The goal is to achieve maximum results and profits.

Since the agricultural market has become more and more competitive it is vital that the greenhouse solutions are efficient and profitable. May it be for private, individual growers or big agricultural enterprises. Regardless of external factors the volume and high quality of the production must be maintained and this is safeguarded by the use of modern technology greenhouses and polytunnels.


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