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Complementary systems

The control systems, necessary for monitoring of climate, irrigation and fertilization, help to make the cultivation processes more efficient. Thanks to these control methods growers are able to maximize production and establish a better quality of their production.

  • Climate Control polytunnel 

the control of climate inside greenhouses and polytunnels is carried out with the use of specially designed windows, curtains, fans, sprinkler systems and heating or cooling systems. The specific settings of climate control are determined by the grower and particular needs that are required by the type of crop. Factors which are taken into account involve temperature, level of humidity, light and strength of wind.

  • Irrigation Control in plastic greenhouses 

this system determines the quantity and density of water which is to be put in soil. A proper management of water distribution secures satisfactory growing results for growers.

  • Fertigation Control in polytunnel

a very important factor that determines the quality and efficiency of grown crops. Fertigation control ensures right proportions between water irrigation and proper amount of fertilizer required by each crop.

  • Heating Control 

a vital system which in combination with hot water and air makes it possible to cultivate agricultural products all year round.

  • Light Control 

fruit, vegetables and flowers need supply of light. The light control system makes sure that a proper dosage of light is supplied to crops, thus making the whole growing process more effective.


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