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Why Krosagro?

Please, note, all our products are made out of hot-dip galvanized parts. This will protect greenhouses, hot houses, polytunnels and high tunnels produced by us for many years to come.

  • Commitment greenhouses 

We proud ourselves to be fully committed to customers’ wishes and expectations.


  • Pricing hot houses 

KROSAGRO offers high quality products at very reasonable and affordable prices. The company’s offer entails a broad range of agricultural products.


  • Design polytunnel 

All products KROSAGRO structures are modern and reliable and made from highest quality materials. They are easy to install on location and easy to maintain. They are characterized by quality, durability and profitability.


  • Maintenance greenhouses 

Our polytunnels are designed so as to reduce maintenance to the minimum. This allows the growers to concentrate solely on the growing processes. Moreover, durability of our products saves a lot of manpower energy and money.


  • Climate endurance 

Our hot houses  and polytunnels are designed so as to survive extreme and difficult weather conditions. Heavy winds, torrential rains or abundant snow do not threat any danger to the construction’s stability. KROSAGRO products meet international requirements and specifications.


  • Ventilation

Our products offer excellent ventilation. The ventilation systems allow users to control the level which enables for a better and more economical use of power and better crops.


  • Logistics

We offer excellent service and on-time delivery.


  • Customer Support

Our customers may expect very good service and technical support.



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