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Film for crops under cover

Temperature fluctuations – up to several degrees – can lead to crop destruction. High temperatures and increased air humidity contribute to the development of harmful pests that weaken plants, while too low temperatures cause the entire production to die. An important element of temperature control in a foil greenhouse is the adaptation of the film to the crop.

Cover in foil tunnel

When choosing a cover for a garden greenhouse, consider the number of layers: the more of them, the higher the level of thermal insulation, and that means that the film is resistant to high and low temperatures. The increased number of layers allows us to leave the tunnel in the garden in winter time instead of taking it off every year just to reinstall it in the spring. Thanks to the low weight of Krosagro plastic tunnels, it is easy to move them into a more favorable place for growing crops. The mobility of even professional tunnels (sliding structures based on rails) also allows for adjustment of sunlight and ventilation, placing the tunnel at the optimum point.
The plants themselves also affect the conditions inside. Active evaporation of water from the upper part, which draws a lot of heat, increases the humidity. A sudden increase in temperature, without the possibility of reducing it, leads to wilting of plants and this is why side or roof ventilation are an additional element of foil tunnels. You can adjust the air temperature under cover on a regular basis.

Reduce heat loss in the greenhouse

Applying a second layer of cover, we make sure that heat inside the foil tunnel does not find a way out, so that even during the cold days, appropriate conditions for plants will remain inside. Two layers of film allow to save up to 2°C, which can be a significant factor for cultivation. It seems to be a little, but as far as frost is concerned, even two degrees are significant.
Regarding Krosagro garden tunnels, films are made from the finest COEX-3 materials. This means that the films are three-layer. A wide range of specialist covers allows you to choose a tunnel for specific plant species or for universal solutions. The structure with gothic or trapezoidal shape is an additional method used to maintain heat .
In order to get a temperature increase of 4 to 5°C, just put another light cover directly over the plants. It can be made of wire, strings or cords, but it involves frequent handling. For days with a high sun exposure, the flat cover should be removed due to transpiration, as previously mentioned evaporation of water, which has a significant influence on humidity and temperature.
The next method of limiting heat loss is to lay down agrotextile fabrics directly onto the soil. Just find the right product for your planned crop, and you will save up to 2°C.

Professional growers use heating systems that allow year-round crops. The complexity of such a system depends on the customer’s budget.


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