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Heating systems in foil tunnels

Heating in foil tunnels protects yields from low temperatures, further prolonging plant growing time for crops under cover. By providing a stable and constant temperature, we create ideal conditions for growth, development and maturation. When choosing heating, it is useful to consider available options on the market. A wide choice of heating technology enables to adapt to growers’ requirements.
Although gardening tunnels without heating let you to start growing in early March, an investment in heating systems will provide harvest all year round.


Types of heating in plastic tunnels:

• Water heating - the water heated by a boiler passes through radiators and pipes, heating ambient air. The heat energy must be constantly replenished by feeding the boiler with fuel, oil or electricity . This way of heating used by farmers can be automated - the sensors connected to the monitoring system adjust the temperature.

• Air heating – circulation of warm air inside the foil tunnel and rapid temperature increase under cover are some of the advantages. Unfortunately, the disadvantage of this method is the quick temperature drop for the plants when the burner is switched off.

• Electric heating – a fairly expensive solution with the use of convectors or oil heaters. Their operation, although expensive , provides stable temperatures and conditions in the tunnel for crops in the long-term .

• Gas heating – ideal to protect plants against frost and avoid losses. Although the use of this type of heating is expensive, like electric heating, it is a reliable solution that constantly supplies heat to the crop under cover.

• Stove heating  – a frequently used heating method which is ideal for tunnel temperature control, once fitted with automation. The type of heat determines the fuel that will be used to generate energy.


Apart from those already mentioned , we can add many more types of heating, which are more or less optimal in the greenhouse, depending on your crops and preferences. Often, several heating methods are used simultaneously, combined with crop support systems . Please consult your specialist before using this solution. KROSAGRO cooperates with renowned manufacturers of heating equipment, ventilation systems, destratifiers and recuperators.


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